SteamOne is a high performance garment steamer company in France that needed help launching their product line in the US. Among their priorities, they needed to rebuild their ecommerce website to drive direct sales. With a high-end product in a lesser known product category, it was important to reach the right audience and provide user benefit and product education as well as brand engagement.

Torque used focus group research and social listening to understand the target audience. We developed a strategy to connect with the fashion industry and consumers who would value speed and convenience in maintaining an impeccable wardrobe. In our integrated digital marketing program, we built a highly graphic and rich ecommerce website, ran digital advertising, produced videos to further product education, and managed a robust social media program. We connected with influential fashion bloggers and created an Instagram presence that featured photos we shot to emulate fashion blog photography. In only three months, we significantly grew brand awareness and increased website traffic by over 50%.

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