Lily & Lime

Lily & Lime is a wedding photo and video company that makes it possible for couples to book completely online, and at an affordable price. Because this is a uniquely efficient way to book wedding photo and video, the challenge was to educate consumers on how it works, win their trust and to raise brand awareness. The goal and the brand says it all–sweet (Lily) but with a twist (Lime). Great photography, great service, great price, and incredible ease.
Torque gave the Lily and Lime brand a fresh look and voice to fit the promise of “sweet with a twist.” Appealing to young couples not only required efficient interface design, but the crafting of a voice that added a human element to the all-digital process. Beyond deliverables for UX, website, logo, and an email nurture program, Torque created a tutorial video to educate consumers on the new concept. Lily & Lime began winning customers in a whole new way.