The challenge for Lice-Nil was comprised of two challenges. As a successful company in India, they were coming into the U.S. market as a virtual unknown. Thus, the first challenge was engaging a consumer base in a way that built trust among the most careful of audiences - young mothers. The second was educating the consumer base about Lice-Nil’s active ingredient, neem oil, an all-natural extract commonly found only in India. The U.S. market knew nothing about it. Ultimately, the challenge was to break from the traditional marketing mold of lice removal products i.e. medical, sterile, unapproachable.
Torque brought its best minds together to tackle this challenge. We started by researching the competitors of the market and discovering ways to craft an approachable and parent-friendly source of useful information. We wanted to provide a resource where parents could learn about lice in a way that demystified them, made them less scary. We created and curated content on the website to provide informational resources about lice and treatments. We made sure to share how the product worked uniquely compared to other lice products. The brand communicated all this while maintaining a friendly and approachable tone, playful presentation complete with a custom typeface to match the voice.