John Hancock Center


The John Hancock Center is an iconic building, one that serves many different types of users: office tenants, residential tenants, and tourists. Its online presence was spread across several different websites, making it difficult for ownership and brokers to communicate with potential clients about the details of the building. This issue coupled with the fact that the building had recently undergone renovations to make it a more progressive place for business made it highly important for a new website to be created for the building. HEARN asked Torque to take on the challenge. 

  • Location: 875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago
  • Project type: Office, retail, condominium
  • Launch date: 1968
  • Stories: When the building topped out at 100 stories, it was the second tallest building in the world
  • Units: 700 condos
  • Leasing: Cushman Wakefield
  • Management: Hearn
  • Architect: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Torque determined what it would take to represent such a sacrosanct brand and so many business goals. We considered the vast array of audiences and dove into the richness of the story – all of which we represented in the latest in website design and functionality. For the overall look and messaging, we took inspiration from the building’s distinct X bracing. We wanted to convey a place of unlikely, rich and varied intersections. The end product was a digital marketing presence that matches all that the building represents, while enhancing its value and experience. The new website was well-received in the market, in the form of approximately 3,500 visitors to the site every week since launch. Next time you’re at the top of the city in Hancock’s skydeck - think of Torque.

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