311 S. Wacker Marketing & Sales Center

311 S Wacker is an iconic piece of Chicago’s skyline. Long known as the “crown building” and having been almost completely full for over ten years, the local commercial brokerage community had nearly forgotten about it. When the building suddenly had available space and was starting renovations, it was time for fresh marketing to get their attention again.
Torque took on the challenge with full passion and creativity. We developed a campaign that urged brokers to “look closer” at 311. In emailers and direct mailers, we boldly stated messages like, “You think you know 311. You don’t.” The campaign drove brokers to the experiential sales center that Torque created inside 311. In art gallery style, Torque designed and crafted a series of typographic installations made of everyday objects that compellingly represented the different new amenities of the building. Through this campaign and sales center, we got brokers to look at 311 with fresh eyes.