Brand Identity & Design

Can you measure ROI on a brand?

What’s The Real Value of a Brand?

It’s not a logo, not a name, not a product – a brand is a perception. It’s how the market sees a business, service, or product offering. A well-defined brand starts with clarity of service, culture, and values. And a strong logo. It’s the visual asset that helps communicate and extend the essence of the brand through various communications and media.

The New Torque Site Has Launched!

The new torque site is finally here! See how we did it. Hint: Collaboration, fun, and hard work. Our Senior Web Designer, Ben, gives a run-down on the process and inspiration.

Your Brand Means Business!

Kevin Masi will speak as a panelist on Tuesday, June 24, at a luncheon at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. A member of the Chamber’s Mid Market Forum, he will lead a panel discussion on five priorities in brand building for businesses today. Masi explains, “Many companies see marketing as the management of mass media advertising. Many more are driven by their products, by running operations or by sales.


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