Real Estate Marketing: Different, Better

Real estate is a unique industry, and each category (commercial, residential, mixed use, industrial, etc.) has its own set of specific requirements. That’s why Torque developed Brand Bedrock®, a proprietary Discovery, Concept, and Marketing Planning development process to go far deeper than the usual property stories that highlight amenities and features with a few slick renderings and animations.

Brand Bedrock is based on an analysis of dozens of aspects of a given property and the surrounding environment, from building amenities to environment, wellness, transit, education and development, entertainment, aesthetic, brand reputation and others.

We use this process to create a solid foundation for all the marketing efforts that follow.

Our Real Estate Marketing and Creative services include:

  • Property brand concept, message and marketing program planning
  • Digital marketing: display advertising, remarketing, pay-per-click
  • Website development and integration with sales and digital marketing for lead generation
  • Social media marketing
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Blogging, including expert articles and other content
  • Email and direct mail programs
  • Sales center design
  • Brand space design