A Unique Approach to Real Estate Marketing

Tenant demands are rapidly changing the real estate environment. Developers, investors, property managers and other players in the industry need new ways not only to keep up, but to exploit these changes.

Real estate companies need to find ways to create new and differentiated value for tenants. It takes so much more than just showing a few renderings or photos of a building and highlighting its amenities. In residential and commercial alike, tenants and residents are looking for something different, better.

To help companies stand out and market to their audience in the right ways, Torque developed a set of practices and points of views about building use, building experience and the drive towards an understanding of how the sense of community is becoming central to it all. We call this our Brand Bedrock® process, which begins with a review of property amenities and features, then goes far beyond.

We determine the unique property attributes and opportunities to engage markets through digital media, sales materials, brand space design and other channels.

It’s with this foundation that we create materials that have purpose and speak to the right audience in the right way.

More About Us:

Torque is a brand and digital marketing firm focused on commercial, multifamily and mixed-use real estate. Over the years, we’ve broadened the geographies where we work to include high-growth markets such as Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, DC and others.

Looking ahead, we are inspired by the opportunity to continue evolving the use of branding, digital media, and building experience design to help properties realize their business goals.

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