A New Standard and a Big Statement

Chicago developer Mark Goodman & Associates is creating something special at 310 N. Sangamon Street in the Fulton Market District. It’s a 12-story office building, but it’s also so much more than that: it’s an innovation in environmental design, a bold step into a greener future, and statement on the current state of architecture that hopes to send a message throughout the industry.


This building uniquely embraces a construction method called “passive house standards.” More commonly understood and embraced in Europe, this approach reduces the building’s ecological footprint by using design to reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling. This project will be only the second “passive house” office building ever built in the country, and promises to be the largest one ever constructed to those standards. Needless to say, it will be a memorable addition to Chicago.


While new construction is exciting, there’s a deeper purpose here: to foster a culture of wellness, employee support, and comfort, and to create an environment where tenants feel cared for at a new level. The air will be purer and the environment will be more conducive for collaboration and community interaction, with a location that taps and encourages innovation, social engagement, and progressive thinking. Such a unique and technology-driven office needed an equally forward-thinking locale to be built in, and Chicago’s Fulton Market was the perfect fit.


Environmental sustainability, sadly, is not exactly a major factor in business decisions these days, but The Sangamon hopes to change that by introducing a new, greener standard for America’s workforce. These changes aren’t just for the planet—they’re for the individual and everyone’s wellbeing. With a motivated, healthy, and positively inspired staff, a business can go anywhere.


Mark Goodman & Associates, in partnership with Torque, will create a marketing message and experience that emphasizes a sense of cultural priority and a sustainable environment. 310. N. Sangamon will be the focal point and a symbol of a new kind of innovation - one that forwards humanity and the environment as well as the business world.