Torque’s 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2017

2017’s not quite over yet, but as it’s getting closer to the end, we decided to look to see which of our blog post were the most viewed this past year. What we found was lots of real estate, a guest blogger, reflections on the past 25 years, and a few thoughts on the marketing industry.

Here they are, starting from #10:


10. 5 Steps to a Successful Paid Advertising Campaign
This how-to post shows what goes into creating an effective paid digital advertising campaign. In today’s digital landscape, this is relevant information indeed!


9. 25 Lessons in 25 Years: Part 2/5 — Understanding People and Ideas
As we reflected on our 25th year of business, some key lessons started to pop up. In this post, we focus on lessons about understanding.


8. Top 10 Best Office Rooftop Activities
There are office rooftop decks all over Chicago – but how much do they get used? This was a fun post highlighting all the cool things you can do on them.


7. Chicago's Revived Riverfront Offers New Opportunity
Chicago’s riverfront is coming alive – that’s exciting! In this post, we look at how it’s happening and what’s there.


6. 25 Lessons in 25 Years: Part 1/5 — Creativity
Another post from our 25 lessons series. This time, we look at creativity.


5. Is the “Open Office” Still King?
This past year, we added a real estate section to our blog. Every month, we tackle a different real estate topic. This post was our first – a look at the open office trend.


4. Video is Taking Over Media
More and more, video is becoming the dominant form of media and marketing. In this post, see why and how to use it for your business.


3. The Most Daring Marketing Trends of 2017
We started off the year by looking ahead to not only the most popular upcoming trends, but the most bold. Many wanted to look ahead with us.


2. The Origin of the “Open Office” - Guest Blog by Tom Marquardt
While working on our open office blog post, we reached out to some of our favorite industry professionals to get their thoughts. This was Tom Marquardt’s response.


1. Is The Grand Lobby Still Grand?
In this post, we look at how corporate lobbies are changing – and highlight the stunning lobby of 181 W Madison.