25 Lessons in 25 Years: Part 5/5 – Trust

As we move towards the finish line of our 25th year of business, we’re reflecting on just a few more lessons we’ve learned. This time, we’re thinking about trust. It’s a big part of any business, internally and with clients. And trust plays an especially important role in the marketing industry – consumers must first trust brands before they buy products.

Here are some things we’ve learned about the many different kinds of trust in business.

  1. Ask forgiveness, not permission. This might sound like the opposite of trust, but hear us out. Our job is to lead clients to exciting new possibilities (sometimes kicking and screaming). The work comes out best when our clients trust us to take risks, not orders.

  2. It’s important to build bridges across generations. Millennials are the future of our business. Gen Xers used to be. Uniting across age groups keeps us moving forward. And it keeps the language interesting.

  3. People trust people, not ads. And we’ve found ways to use that as fuel for our marketing, especially with the authenticity of social media.

  4. All things to all people is worthless to most. Zero in on the specific who and what. Target content to your specific audience.

  5. Trust is easy to break, hard to build. If you want to build trust in your brand, you have to be in it for the long haul. We’re ready to go there with you.

And there’s our top 25 lessons in 25 years. Hope you enjoyed them! Who knows what we’ll learn in year 26!