Keys to Great Client Relationships

At Torque, our goal is to delight our clients. This means we strive to deliver exceptional client service and outstanding work. Accomplishing this is a team effort, and means focusing on a few keys things.


Our keys to great client relationships:

Trust is the biggest factor in a successful client relationship. Trust is built through relationship and delivering good work. For some clients, the relationship needs to be created right away to build trust. However, for most, delivering good work must come first. We believe good work is the cornerstone of a good relationship, and often necessary before building a personal connection. To deliver good work, we start with delivering projects on time and on point by listening carefully to our clients’ feedback and giving options based on our expert judgment.

Our account and creative teams work closely to ensure everything we deliver meets our client’s objectives and exceeds expectations. From our designers to our leadership team, we deploy the best talents for each project. We combine left-brain skills to develop strategies tailored to each client and right-brain skills to apply those strategies to all of their creative marketing materials.   

We believe a good partner must be proactive and provide strategic value in offering marketing insight as it relates to our clients’ overall business objectives. We don’t just deliver on a project basis with tunnel vision; we are always looking at each client’s marketing and branding needs holistically in order to provide solutions that help their business as a whole.  

Communicating as an integrated team is also crucial. Our clients interact with our team as a whole, from project managers to designers to developers – they work directly with the people actually executing their projects. It’s not just the account manager who develops a relationship with the client, but the whole team.

Our commitment to our clients means that we onboard all of our team members in the effort. Everyone dedicated to a client’s campaign is expected to keep up with the client’s business and industry. We continuously work in concert to build great client relationships and deliver solutions that are on point.


The bottom line is we strive to provide expert knowledge and be responsive and engaged, approaching each situation looking for the best outcome for the partnership, not just looking out for one of the parties. We are always thinking, what can we do, as their partner, to make life better and easier for our clients?