Sensient Flavors

Sensient is a global B2B flavor, fragrance, and color company, and a thought leader in the industry. Their flavor department wanted an ad and web landing page for their annual Trends to Taste event that would stand out, and an overall campaign to follow that would be original and unique as it extended across print and digital advertisements. And although they had marketed their segments (sweet, savory, and beverage) separately in the past, they were looking to market them all with a single, unified campaign this time.
Torque studied the competition to avoid industry cliches, and thought strategically about what Sensient’s core message was. For the Trends to Taste print ads, digital ads, and landing page, we created a refined but vibrant look that matched the brand and got people’s attention. For the general campaign, we came up with a concept that emphasized the storytelling aspect of flavors, a bold campaign that peaked the reader’s interest and invited them to learn more about what makes Sensient different. Along with the creative, we managed and ran all of the digital media planning, making sure the digital ads were in the best spots and performing at high levels.