Chicago Integrative Care was going through a transformation - changing names, repositioning its service offerings, and opening an upscale office all at the same time. To reflect this dramatic change and a new customer, they wanted to create a full brand experience for patients, both existing and new. Already the country’s premier anti-aging medical practice, Agenixs wanted its concierge medicine offerings to be even more high-touch and the brand feel to be more high-end.


Torque took a deep dive to understand the brand, patient profiles and the vision for a truly unique health offering. We articulated a clear brand message of white glove care and transformational health, then designed a logo mark and developed a full website. Using marble and leather textures, we gave the brand an exclusive, service-focused feel. We collaborated with the interior designers of the new office to integrate the brand experience with the physical office. We crafted the website, showing bold, inspiring images of successful people living healthy, vibrant lives. We extended the brand through all the print collateral, business cards, and gift cards. We also extended the brand system through a packaging design system for Agenixs supplements and vitamins.