Tribal Intelligence

Happiness spreads: Stimulate it to grow customer tribes

According to the British Medical Journal (BMJ) article: Dynamic Spread of Happiness in a Large Social Network, happiness is a fundamental object of human existence.

The intent of the study was to go beyond the well known contagion of emotions between people in close proximity and over short periods of time (such as mirroring a smiling when another person smile).

eTribes and organizations

We all know more and more people out of work these days, and so the number of people building their personal networks is up dramatically. So is participation in associations, turnout at networking events and attendance at seminars. People are rethinking their careers, whether they’ve lost their jobs or if they expect they might.

I’ve heard people say they’ve let their networks atrophy during their last job. Now they’re under pressure to re-connect with friends, colleagues and resources. But they’re behind and often in panic mode.

No Surprise: Consumer Tribes in the U.S. still don't trust advertising

According to a recent report from Nielsen BuzzMetrics, which measures consumers' brand perceptions on the Internet, U.S. consumers most closely associate the word "false” with advertising. The study also showed that consumers typically place more trust in recommendations from other consumers than in advertising. The report goes on to recommend that advertisers need to do a better job building trust. Of course the ad industry is up in arms about such statistics.


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