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A Historical Landmark, Reimagined

Cook County Hospital is a Chicago icon and one of our most fascinating landmarks. Founded in 1857 as a teaching hospital, the institution revolutionized medicine with innovations such as the country’s first medical internship program and the world’s first blood bank. It even had a starring role in The Fugitive! But international renown can’t stop the wear and tear of time, and the original building was eventually vacated in 2002. It’s been empty ever since—until now.


Urbanology for Human Cities

All real estate property can generate revenue and capital for developers and investors. Various types of properties do this in different ways.



In the traditional model, properties can be successful with the solid basics of listings, broker sales, and advertising. When this is true, developers and investors often don’t see a reason to do more. Good fundamentals can get the job done.

A New Standard and a Big Statement

Chicago developer Mark Goodman & Associates is creating something special at 310 N. Sangamon Street in the Fulton Market District. It’s a 12-story office building, but it’s also so much more than that: it’s an innovation in environmental design, a bold step into a greener future, and statement on the current state of architecture that hopes to send a message throughout the industry.


Can you measure ROI on a brand?

What’s The Real Value of a Brand?

It’s not a logo, not a name, not a product – a brand is a perception. It’s how the market sees a business, service, or product offering. A well-defined brand starts with clarity of service, culture, and values. And a strong logo. It’s the visual asset that helps communicate and extend the essence of the brand through various communications and media.

The Birth of Architecture In Chicago

Real estate and architecture have been part of my awareness since as long as I can remember. I recently rediscovered The Birth of Chicago Architecture, an article written by my father in 1975, and am amazed at how much of the detail he rendered still seems present in Chicago’s spirit today. I am sharing it with pride in his work and my connection to it all.


The Birth of Architecture In Chicago

Originally written by Michael Masi

Is The Grand Lobby Still Grand?

Business has always been obsessed with first impressions. Traditional business thought says that when you walk into a prestigious office building, you should experience a grand entrance. True, when you step into a breathtaking lobby, one like The Rookery’s or 311 S Wacker’s atrium, something happens, you feel a sense of awe. But what if that space facilitated something else, something less about the grandiosity of business and more about the individual.

Get Well Soon - How Building Technology is Supporting Employee Health

Technology has always been an obsession in commercial real estate. Everywhere we turn, we hear the heated conversation in CRE circles. More bandwidth, redundant power, easier turnstiles, more expedient security, faster elevator systems. The list is endless, the prices soar, everyone has the features and brags on them – but the challenge is finding the most relevant technologies for today, technology that businesses and individuals really value.


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