Social Media

Brand Security: Learning From Digital Speed/Reach.

Digital media's speed and reach have made marketers scramble to send a greater number of messages to an ever broader world - often with a mere push of the send button. It’s miraculous that major initiatives can go out with a click - that is, until you release a mistake.

In the digital world, marketing mistakes have huge reach and impact. We call them security hazards - much like having millions of customer records stolen from a single notebook computer or like a politician’s private email that goes viral.


The Long View of Building Business With Social Media

Social media is changing the way marketing works, but in ways not always easily understood. 

What’s changing in the world of marketing? Really, what in life and business isn’t being changed by technology? Clearly each and every marketplace is expanding fast, cluttering up buyers’ heads with product options and marketing and ad content. 

Social media offers a way get past all of that, to connect to customers. This is how social media interaction works

Trust, crowds and brand building with social media

People—all of us—will only buy when we feel sufficiently comfortable. We need a level of confidence in the value we think we’ll get. 

Brands are a way to associate levels of value that we think products or companies hold for us. This ‘brand perception’ may come from our direct experience or have been communicated through sources we find credible. 


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