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Cause Marketing…How Can You Make a Good Thing Great?

Cause marketing is nothing new. When a for-profit business supports a nonprofit, the company mission is about something bigger than itself. Sponsoring a cause is beneficial to both the company and the organization, which is why it’s a concept often-executed. Being viewed as a company who is helping a good cause appeals to customers. And although this noble work ultimately helps the business make money, one would hope that the business sincerely cares about the cause regardless.

Social Media... Marketing? PR? Journalism?

Over-priced tacos, hearing-damaging sound, a parade of skinny jeans, flower crowns, and Chuck Taylors - a music festival. Recently, I found myself at one. Along with all these staples, I was keenly aware of something else: Their social media team’s handiwork was evident. From live streaming the event to holding a selfie contest, they had it covered.

Social Media Recipe. Equal Parts Posting /Interaction.

Most companies agree that social media marketing is important. What they don’t as easily agree on is how this marketing should be done. "Content marketing" is a hot phrase right now. At the same time, the concept of “social media engagement” is rising in popularity. This trend towards engagement can even be seen in the beginnings of the presidential election this year!


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