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Building and Neighborhood: A Symbiotic Relationship

When a massive new commercial property, something like a global company’s new headquarters, moves into a neighborhood in Chicago, there’s no doubt that area will change.

The first example that comes to mind (probably because it’s Torque’s home) is Fulton Market. Ever since Google moved in, the grit of Fulton Market is chic. Chicago’s meat packing district has followed the same path as New York’s.

Is The Grand Lobby Still Grand?

Business has always been obsessed with first impressions. Traditional business thought says that when you walk into a prestigious office building, you should experience a grand entrance. True, when you step into a breathtaking lobby, one like The Rookery’s or 311 S Wacker’s atrium, something happens, you feel a sense of awe. But what if that space facilitated something else, something less about the grandiosity of business and more about the individual.

Get Well Soon - How Building Technology is Supporting Employee Health

Technology has always been an obsession in commercial real estate. Everywhere we turn, we hear the heated conversation in CRE circles. More bandwidth, redundant power, easier turnstiles, more expedient security, faster elevator systems. The list is endless, the prices soar, everyone has the features and brags on them – but the challenge is finding the most relevant technologies for today, technology that businesses and individuals really value.


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