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A New Standard and a Big Statement

Chicago developer Mark Goodman & Associates is creating something special at 310 N. Sangamon Street in the Fulton Market District. It’s a 12-story office building, but it’s also so much more than that: it’s an innovation in environmental design, a bold step into a greener future, and statement on the current state of architecture that hopes to send a message throughout the industry.


Wrapped Inside a Mystery at Willis

If you're not a believer in the once waning Wacker Drive cache and the predominance of longtime conservative “corporate” properties, you might expect the local appeal to be “vanishing in the fog.” Quite the contrary. There are $2B of developments and community enhancements slated for the area, led by Willis Tower’s renovations powered by Blackstone and EQ Office. From the outside only the demolition is visible. However, the exact renovations are still a bit shrouded in mystery. 

A Personal Critique of a Future Landmark

I remember it vividly as something of a formative childhood experience. The news came hard in the year 2009, when they announced that the last construction vehicle was to be sadly removed from the empty lot on the corner of Lake Shore Drive and the Chicago River. They left behind a now infamous hole in the ground that has collected water for the past decade. Due to the Great Recession and a lack of sales, the Chicago Spire was repeatedly postponed and canceled in the following years.

Stone Opens the Window to Art

Marketing calls for creative and inventive thinking, new ways of gaining visibility and interest. But the world tires quickly of gimmicks and cleverness, and hungers for real experience and connection.

We see that everywhere in real estate marketing, so we’ve turned our full attention to ways our clients can connect with their communities to create more engaging user experiences with tenants, employees, consumer and others.

Building and Neighborhood: A Symbiotic Relationship

When a massive new commercial property, something like a global company’s new headquarters, moves into a neighborhood in Chicago, there’s no doubt that area will change.

The first example that comes to mind (probably because it’s Torque’s home) is Fulton Market. Ever since Google moved in, the grit of Fulton Market is chic. Chicago’s meat packing district has followed the same path as New York’s.


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