Marketing Strategy

Only Green is Growing: Green Build 2009

While real estate and the building material segments remain bleak, green building is thriving with vitality and diversity.

The International Green Build Conference took place in Phoenix, Arizona last week, with 1200 exhibitors and 25000 attendees. The show has grown to be among the biggest conferences. Graced by Al Gore, Sheryl Crow and other public figures, Green Build also had ample celebrity presence.

Don’t Push!

Not so many years ago, the more stuff companies made, and the more they advertised, the more they could sell. It was a marketplace that absorbed everything that could be “pushed” out into it. But with the flattening or globalization of the world prices have tumbled, products proliferate and options abound. Mass media has become saturated with advertising, “pushing” this growing mass of products into the marketplace. As a result, mass advertising has become inefficient and expensive.

What’s more important: the product or the process?

In a recent conversation, a friend confided that he wished we could simply create the ads and produce the marketing materials without having to worry about all the other program elements and business process needs. There are days when I wish it were that simple, too. And lucky for us, that sentiment runs deep in most marketing and ad firms. In fact, this offers an opportunity to those who do roll up our sleeves and get their hands on the workings of the clients’ business. Those that do will be able to offer significant benefit to their clients — and an advantage for themselves.


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