Marketing Strategy

Sell Into Retail: Supporting Midmarket Product Companies.

Sell-in support is crucial for midmarket product manufacturers who struggle with the competitive retail purchasing process.

Don’t Sweat the Line Review!

Many companies lack the resources to create and package products that win line reviews with picky buyers. We help manufacturers strategize the 30 minutes they have with these buyers to get the shelf space they want. See how we supported Jarden Group’s Pine Mountain to successfully sell in and generate almost $5 million at twice the average gross margin.

Fixing Retail with the Golden Ratio

Mathematicians, scholars, artists have been fascinated by it for millennia. Leonardo da Vinci used it to study human proportions and Chopin used it to structure his musical compositions. It’s how snails design their homes, it’s found in carnivorous plants, tropical cyclones and the spiraling arms of distant galaxies. It is nature's golden ratio, the mathematic formula for near-perfect proportion. In this 2-Part series I’ll explain how savvy marketers will use it to mend the malfunctioned art of merchandising.

How U2 Can Teach Your Business The Art of Reinvention

It’s a cold world out there, boss, and if nothing else is true it’s this: if you don’t evolve, you die. Whether you’re a single-celled microbe, a cooperative business, or a multi-platinum music group, the need to adapt to the ever-shifting landscape is essential. Over the last 30 years, one of the most prominent masters of the art of reinvention has been the Irish rock band, U2. One half of their formula for longevity and success is based on their sheer talent and devotion to their craft.

Times of Change, Times of Choice: Purchasing Healthcare Services.

The term “consumer” has always meant “end user.” However, over the last 25 years, because they have so much choice, consumers have assumed the seat of power in the marketplace. And because they have access to choice, they have changed traditional buy-sell models. The same is becoming true for consumers purchase healthcare services.

Marketing mistake #6: Failure to Change...Despite Clear Signs of Ineffectiveness

BtoB business magazine recently published the following statistics in an article titled, "Newspaper ad Revenue Declines for 20th Straight Quarter." Aggregate newspaper ad revenue has not posted an increase since the second quarter of 2006. Overall ad revenue declined 6.9% in the second quarter compared with that time last year. Print revenue fell 8.9% in the same time frame.

Marketing Mistake #1: Failing to Lead

Marketers who wait to be given their marching orders and to have all the facts in hand before putting a foot forward, will never achieve greatness. But many business managers are asking for greatness from their marketing investment. Something revolutionary. Category re-defining. Life-changing. Why should we, as marketers, give them anything less?

Retro: Old Is In And Better Than Ever

Retro styling is back and it’s not just about bell-bottoms. Hand in hand with the retro appeal is the bond of nostalgia that connects the past to the present. From vintage fashion to classic car designs and 50‘s graphic design, this resurgence of retro styled products is not a coincidence. The underpinnings of the retro movement are deeply tied to the American psyche, and brands and marketing strategists are taking note.


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