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Share the Health: Torque Helps Northwestern Memorial Hospital promote transparency

NMH tapped Torque to spread the word about the publication of their complete quality report card on their new website. The online advertising campaign is running on national sites, including WebMD, ABC7 and Yahoo.

Objectives for the campaign are to generate awareness for the quality report card, bring visitors the site, and to establish the site as a resource for future visits. NMH is among the first hospitals to share their quality ratings, and is leading the way in the transparency of information about the quality of health care.

The Good-to-Great Framework, for Brand Building

These days, so many marketers are recommending new, revolutionary or exciting ways to generate marketing change, often by upending the status quo. In challenging times, the urge to do so is stronger than ever. Here’s a switch. I’ve just finished reading Jim Collins’ (author of Good-to-Great) latest book: How the Mighty Fall. Rather than focus on revolution, Collins calls for a renewed focus on business fundamentals.

Fierce debate: marketing leadership, redefined

If you read any of the major marketing publications (or come into earshot of marketers in conversation) then you’re likely pretty familiar with issues of the role of marketing coming under scrutiny. But lately, have those topics passed? Is the marketing community on to something new, (Web 2.0, ROI, research??). My observation: the conclusion is far from conclusive. The debate over raising the accountability of marketing is just that: a debate. And sometimes a raging debate, at that.

The City of Chicago DOE's Big Booth at Green Festival 2008

Huge crowds attended Chicago's Green Festival 2008 at Navy Pier on May 16 and 17.

At the show, Torque's first engagement with the City of Chicago's Department of Environment (DOE) was distinguished by the successful delivery of their centerpiece space and booth dedicated to their energy conservation programs. In partnership with WRD Environmental and Terracom Public Relations, Torque delivered a theme that encouraged attendees to "Be Green Save Green." The booth rose 14 feet in the air.

Genuine holiday goodwill made easy

How do you express appreciation for your customers at the year-end holidays? Gift baskets, popcorn buckets, chocolate reindeer: they don’t always make the right statement.

Our colleagues at Heartfelt charities offer an excellent alternative.

They make customized greeting cards, and the proceeds from the sale go to the charity of your choice. The cards achieve two very wholesome outcomes: The first is a healthy contribution to your favorite charity; the second is a meaningful and sincere expression of care and interest to your most valued customers.


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