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Retro: Old Is In And Better Than Ever

Retro styling is back and it’s not just about bell-bottoms. Hand in hand with the retro appeal is the bond of nostalgia that connects the past to the present. From vintage fashion to classic car designs and 50‘s graphic design, this resurgence of retro styled products is not a coincidence. The underpinnings of the retro movement are deeply tied to the American psyche, and brands and marketing strategists are taking note.

Actionable Data: A Redesign Leading to Healthy Behavior

Many of us are avid followers of TED talks and the visionaries who present their innovative perspectives. Now, TED has spun off a subset of topics focused on health care and calls it TEDMED. One notable TEDMED talk features Thomas Goetz, who looks at medical data reporting formats, making a bold case for redesigning them in a way that turns stats into insights for patients and physicians alike.  

Keith McFarland Brings New Focus to the Midmarket

Anyone looking for inspiration to turn slow markets into profitable ones will do well to read Keith McFarland’s latest book Bounce: The Art of Turning Tough Times into Triumph. It’s a business novel, and a particularly successful one in our view. Building on his first book, The Breakthrough Company: How Everyday Companies Become Extraordinary Performers, McFarland brings the insights Jim Collins delivered to the world in Good to Great, but specifically focusing on Midmarket companies.

Put Your Customer at the Center of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Thanks to everyone who attended our thought leadership presentation on June 10, where my colleague Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media laid out a detailed approach to Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Email Marketing in Seven Steps, and Brad Farris of Anchor Advisors discussed case studies illust

Judith Wright: Do Men and Women Lead Differently?

We've been anticipating a fascinating evening on April 29—and the bar just went up: we're thrilled that Judith Wright will guide the MENG Evening Leadership event. Judith brings a long-standing career of business and leadership coaching experience, with a depth of material specifically on the subject of "brain sex," the cognitive differences between men and women.

The New Normal: Strategic Planning In a Time When Past Lessons Don't Teach All

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Midmarket Forum was pleased to open the 2010 speaker series season with Ram V. Iyer, founder of The Midmarket Institute. On March 16, Ram spoke to an enthusiastic room of 75 people, at the Nixon Peabody law offices, 300 S. Riverside Ave., Chicago.

Navigating the New Normal: Midmarket Companies in the New Economy

Best of times, worst of times? Maybe…and no doubt a thrill of you’re a stimulus junkie entrepreneur. Here’s what we’re seeing: Midmarket companies face multiple challenges: the wobbly economic recovery, global competition, and relative invisibility in a business world dominated by the lore and legend of Fortune 500 companies.


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