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The secret of Alibaba, largest global IPO ever

Since last week, the world is all abuzz about Alibaba, the Chinese Internet giant that listed its American depository shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “BABA.” Unless you happen to be living under a rock, you know about the China’s answer to Amazon, eBay and Chase Bank all rolled into one, and their $25 Billion biggest IPO ever, dwarfing Facebook’s IPO.

Business Growth at the Intersection of Sales, Marketing and Storytelling

Successful organizations grow their business by building trust over time, winning customers in the process.

Join Gene Rosendale, Kevin Masi and Jaymie Joyce for a discussion about the launch of the new Alliance for Strategic Advantage website, and the principles involved in building engagement and trust throughout the sales and marketing process.

Access to Capital in Changing Markets

Navigating volatile economies has never been more complex. The Chicagoland Chamber Mid Market Forum brings together a distinguished group of senior executives, to discuss implications and share capital strategies for business growth in changing markets.

Rick Mattoon of the Federal Reserve Bank will give an introduction, capital market update and economic forecast.

A moderated panel discussion will follow. Each panelist, including one business owner, will present cases, lessons learned and future visions of their industry and related capital strategies.

Marketing Mistake #7: Poor Agency Selection Process

Choosing a marketing agency is critical, but the process most companies use has been dysfunctional for a long time. Of course It’s not easy. The agency-advertiser marketplace has been rapidly changing, with an explosion of new types of agencies and marketing disciplines. The conditions of current economy add additional pressure. More than ever, performance, trust and chemistry or “fit” are at the top of the priority list for finding an agency. And yet, so often the selection process works against getting the best results.

Brand is as Procurement Does.

Brand experience is shaped in every interaction a customer has with a company, from marketing and sales to product use and support. Therefore, sourcing has a huge impact on the customer experience—and the brand experience.

Toyota left American auto companies behind by forming win-win relationships with suppliers, while Detroit followed old-school practices of beating up vendors on price. No surprise that US car quality suffered.


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