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The Most Daring Marketing Trends of 2017

As our favorite credible sources for marketing trends compile their predictions for 2017, we’re sorting through them and deducing some foresight of our own. 2016 brought with it growth in mobile and ecommerce, as well as important trends in marketing automation, mass customization and a renewed focus on the customer. However, even as marketing gets more customer-intimate, it is also getting bigger. We predict that 2017 will bring even more big changes to marketing, including some bold moves.



Safe Data or Risky Creative; Is Your Marketing Strategy Too Safe?

Creative freedom

A common discussion among marketers tends to be the intricate juggle between creative freedom, calculated risks and data-driven research. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the same conversation seems to surface. The popular mindset tends to veer toward the data end of the spectrum versus the provocative risk-taker. In fact, as a chief marketing officer (CMO), one must deliver these statistical results as proof their tactics are working.  

12 Tools to put in your Agile Marketing Toolbox

We are beginning to hear more of the term “agile marketing,” and we believe there are some powerful ideas within—but who has time to reinvent how they do their marketing? So we’ve broken down agile marketing practices into smaller parts that can be added in stages. Here are 12 concepts we think should be part of every marketer’s repertoire...not all at once, but added one at a time.


1. Customer development manifesto

Cause Marketing…How Can You Make a Good Thing Great?

Cause marketing is nothing new. When a for-profit business supports a nonprofit, the company mission is about something bigger than itself. Sponsoring a cause is beneficial to both the company and the organization, which is why it’s a concept often-executed. Being viewed as a company who is helping a good cause appeals to customers. And although this noble work ultimately helps the business make money, one would hope that the business sincerely cares about the cause regardless.

The New Normal: Strategic Planning In a Time When Past Lessons Don't Teach All

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Midmarket Forum was pleased to open the 2010 speaker series season with Ram V. Iyer, founder of The Midmarket Institute. On March 16, Ram spoke to an enthusiastic room of 75 people, at the Nixon Peabody law offices, 300 S. Riverside Ave., Chicago.

Strategic Planning: the Difference Between Getting it Right and Wasted Opportunity

This post is about strategic planning, and a preamble to a series on the subject. If leaders make the mistakes commonly made in planning, they waste the lives and fortunes of their stakeholders. This is an exploration of these pitfalls, and a look at a quantified strategic process that can change all that. The result: planning that has the potential to help organizations to perform their best, to maximize potential revenue, profit, market share, as well as lead to great satisfaction for investors, managers, employees and customers.


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