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Safe Data or Risky Creative; Is Your Marketing Strategy Too Safe?

Creative freedom

A common discussion among marketers tends to be the intricate juggle between creative freedom, calculated risks and data-driven research. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the same conversation seems to surface. The popular mindset tends to veer toward the data end of the spectrum versus the provocative risk-taker. In fact, as a chief marketing officer (CMO), one must deliver these statistical results as proof their tactics are working.  

The New Torque Site Has Launched!

The new torque site is finally here! See how we did it. Hint: Collaboration, fun, and hard work. Our Senior Web Designer, Ben, gives a run-down on the process and inspiration.

Social Media Recipe. Equal Parts Posting /Interaction.

Most companies agree that social media marketing is important. What they don’t as easily agree on is how this marketing should be done. "Content marketing" is a hot phrase right now. At the same time, the concept of “social media engagement” is rising in popularity. This trend towards engagement can even be seen in the beginnings of the presidential election this year!

I Eat Oatmeal, But I’m Not Friends With It

You know that friend of yours that shares links to static home pages of random businesses like Main Street Turbines or Frank’s Encased Meats? No? Well neither do I because he doesn’t exist! No one likes to talk about boring stuff in the real world, and they don’t like to link to boring stuff either. Do you think the Internet is flooded with cat videos because they’re selling something? Simply put, the days of passivity are over.

Find YOURSELF with Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing (inbound marketing) is to raise visibility by increasing the chance to be found on search engines, then keep interested users engaged with deeper content over time. It also happens to be a virtuous paradox that the process of planning and implementing content marketing helps people and organizations find themselves.


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