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Strategic Planning: the Difference Between Getting it Right and Wasted Opportunity

This post is about strategic planning, and a preamble to a series on the subject. If leaders make the mistakes commonly made in planning, they waste the lives and fortunes of their stakeholders. This is an exploration of these pitfalls, and a look at a quantified strategic process that can change all that. The result: planning that has the potential to help organizations to perform their best, to maximize potential revenue, profit, market share, as well as lead to great satisfaction for investors, managers, employees and customers.

Managing the Wobbly Economic Recovery

MENG Evening Marketing Leadership Town Hall Meeting January 21, 2010

Marketing leaders are in the line of fire. We’re on the road to the New Normal, but it promises to be a wobbly and unpredictable economic recovery. Fully exposed to the volatile pressures of an uneven recovery, marketing leaders must learn to navigate the change. This wobbling recovery will present challenges as we strive to manage reactions (and overreactions) within our organizations, markets and customers.

Taylor Johnson & Olesker

Taylor Johnson and Olesker (TJO) has 30 years of helping real estate companies succeed in the Chicago market. Their media savvy and brand building skills have made them one of premier PR agencies in the region, and this year they took on not only a new partner, but a new identity. Torque was engaged to redefine their business brand, logo, emarketing and web site and sales tools – all in light of what they do best, giving brands a voice.

15 transformations successful companies will put to work in 2008

2007 has been a year of insights. 2008 will be a year of putting them to work. I suggest that the following fifteen points, born out in countless business and marketplace scenarios that we have all been observing and living through this past year, will bring success to the companies that capitalize on them. The dramatic changing power of several key trends comes from new technologies as well as customer Tribal behaviors. To capitalize on the opportunities, creative marketers will become highly interactive with their customer tribes in order to stay in relevant and valuable.

Torque brands an up and coming Chicago property developer with a flair for service and style.

Irongate is an up and coming Chicago developer with a focused interest in giving new home owners what they really want – good design and good service. Their focus has been distinct architectural design and an astute sense for customer relations, even to the point of hiring a dedicated customer advocate. Torque was brought on to brand Irongate, develop collateral, a web presence and marketing materials for its various properties. The identity is a blend of their classic appeal and modern thinking.


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