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Beauty, Function or Satisfaction. What Are You Giving Your Users?

Beyond customer-focus

Many companies describe themselves as “customer-centric.” But what does that really mean? Even if companies focus their service energies on their customers to the highest possible level, what about other important audiences related to the business?

Consider all users 

Marketing Mistake #4: Ways to Ground a Product Launch

Let’s face it: launching a new product is tough. Whether it’s a new innovation or an established brand releasing an incremental improvement, the failure rate is dauntingly high. As a launch marketing company, ever-expanding our think-tank of best practices, Torque monitors many types of product launches — we’ve seen plenty of failures —some dramatic successes, too. The list of things that companies do wrong is long. Here are five that rise to the top, along with suggestions of what to do.

Chicago American Marketing Association Interviews Torque

The following is a reprint of the article published in the November issue of  the Chicago AMA newsletter, Intersect, which profiles Torque's marketing process, used to deliver the Becker Professional Education Re-branding and re-launch marketing program. The Becker re-branding received a 2010 Chicago AMA Brandsmart Award of Merit.


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