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Jim Beam food products land on retailer shelves with a fresh take on packaging.

Making a spirits brand appropriate for every day consumption is no simple task? This was the challenge brought to us by Jim Beam, the 230+ year-old bourbon maker. Torque was brought on to help Vita Foods and Jim Beam systematize, streamline and appropriately update their packaging for a line of barbeque sauces, marinades, and spice rubs. We were given the task of translating the iconic Jim Beam bottle and its visual assets to food bottle labels and a branding standards system.

Chicago’s renowned beer company launches a new beer, a new look, a new toast to the fall season

Goose Island has been long known for its seasonal line of beers that punctuate the year and please Goose fans all over. Upon closer look, Goose has noted that a broader market consumes these more thematic beers, especially at retail. Intent of bringing great beer to a broader public and to celebrate the rich fall season, football, and the return of crisp weather, Goose has launched Harvest Ale. Harvest Ale is a clear amber with a dry malty flavor matched with assertive hops.

Clear Look: take your logo beyond a graphic mark to truly embody your brand

The economy is good and business is good. Your company (and most of your clients’ companies) has been growing—some by large measures. If this is true for you, keep reading to discover a potential hidden peril hiding in plain sight.

If you’ve been growing, that means in the last several quarters you've added services, products, capabilities, partnerships and resources. You’ve probably written new marketing materials and expanded your website and BLOG. Your sales reps are undoubtedly presenting new information, success stories and benefits to their prospects.


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