Maximizing Real Estate

Urbanology and Human Cities

What if real estate developments stood for more than a financial opportunity, a set of architectural features, new amenities and leasing needs? Torque’s Urbanology is the belief that all properties were envisioned with a purpose bigger than these details - a purpose that can closely align with the building community and its immediate neighborhood.

Seeing the Vision

Torque’s Urbanology begins by getting to the heart of a property. We dig deep for the original design and business intent for the partners, tenants and the surrounding community. We delight in understanding tenant needs and listening to the human experiences. We interview owners, developers, architects and engineers and then we set a marketing strategy that supports the property’s unique value.

Heavy Lifting and Flashes of Creative Brilliance

Inspired by vision, we bring our multi-talented team together to write the property themes, generate names, logos, taglines and creative campaigns like no other. We then build the brand assets, from website to digital marketing campaigns, email, signage systems, sales tools and sales center designs. Everyone tells stories these days, but stories have endings. Instead, we create narratives of the properites and the real estate companies themselves, so that everyone sees and believes in the potential of the brand, from owners to brokers to tenants and the community beyond. 


Torque merges a long history in real estate with our diverse experience from marketing consumer products, business services, technology, manufacturing and other industries. We serve commercial properties, multi-family, retail, mixed use, industrial development and management companies.