Integrated Marketing

There’s so many ways to approach marketing your business that it can be difficult to choose which techniques to use. We believe a successful marketing campaign should include a large selection of tactics to choose from.

That’s why at Torque, we have a holistic approach to planning and executing a marketing strategy.  We include a collection of marketing services.

Informed by consumer need and behavioral insights, our integrated marketing planning services begin with in-depth research and discovery. We incorporate social, digital, search, paid, and offline media in the marketing planning mix.

We also incorporate marketing for live and trade events, creating the content and materials and then using social and digital media channels to deliver live updates which is how we gain organic content and organic reach. In addition to using organic techniques, we run paid program elements that are linked through content, social channels, offers, promotions, and calls to action. By using these two techniques, organic and paid, together we maximize reach and impact.

Organic and paid approaches integrated together is just one example of how we conduct integrated marketing. By combining multiple techniques and looking at marketing programs as a whole instead of in pieces, we help midmarket and fortune 500 manufacturing companies to think and plan like retailers by introducing them to ideas they may have previously not thought of and offering them help on how to keep a budget while still creating effectual and dynamic programs. We create high-performing brands and optimize their presence in-store, from packaging and POS to digital in-market programs. The goal of all this is to drive revenue and generate profit.

As with all of our planning, Torque uses an agile process which includes analytics and real time reporting to allow for adaptation and refinement of the program over time. We include a mix of elements in our integrated marketing campaigns.


Social Media

We include social media marketing, using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. to create organic content, source curated content, and build relationships in the community.

Rich Media Content

We incorporate rich media content as well, which includes video ads and interactive webpage ads.

Paid Digital

When including paid digital media we use aspects like display (these are online ads), remarketing (an ad that will show up after visiting a company’s website), and PPC (paying for clicks and impressions).

Organic Search Marketing

This is simply SEO, or search engine optimization, which is using the right keywords and phrases to increase the likelihood of a company’s website showing up on a search engine when those specific keywords are searched.


Writing and sending out press releases and any promotional content and, hopefully being written about in the media, keeps a company in the eye of media publications.

Channel/Trade Marketing Initiatives

It’s important to ensure that brand consistency extends to the level of retailers and distributors. This makes sure that they market the product with a cohesive style and within a company’s brand identity.

Offline Media

Traditional marketing is still included in the integrated marketing mix. We use prints, billboards, and other advertising to cast the widest net possible.