Content Marketing

Content marketing, powered by digital marketing platforms, has come of age in the last ten years and is widely recognized by marketers as a powerful opportunity to educate, entertain and build brands with consumers and other stakeholders. Due to that, it has also become a term tossed around so often it has desensitized some marketers to its meaning and confused others as to what is really involved in the process. It's an expansive topic, which is rooted in creating and using content specific to the industry of your business to create a brand authority and pass along knowledge to others. Content plays a particularly crucial role in search marketing, social media and email marketing.

Content marketing also has powerful variants such as Nurture Marketing and Inbound Marketing, which have been refined into very effective systems over the years.

The most successful content is the antithesis of advertising. Rather than function as a sales pitch, the process of developing content is often undertaken as an earnest effort to provide useful information or even entertainment to users. When it’s done with integrity, content marketing focuses on customer needs and building trust while providing useful information. In our approach, this is another facet of the user experience design.

In fact, content marketing is an integrative thread through Torque's strategy and creative services. It is central to how we plan and execute in the marketing ecosystem.

We start by creating content, such as product demos and FAQs. Then, we expand into working with the client to provide resources for solving problems and communicating points of view or ideas about the nature of activities related to the business, the industry as a whole, or the division of the industry in which the business operates.

Torque content marketing programs are designed to be presented in increments, such as email marketing campaigns or social media content resources. The digital content we make can be original from the company or it may be borrowed and curated/ shared from other named sources. Not only do our content programs provide information and entertainment value, they also often have an invite to opt-in to more useful or entertaining content in exchange for user information or other actions. They are also structured for building databases that can be used in CRM marketing programs, which is another variant of content marketing.

White papers and books are also marketing content, but often, writing these pieces bogs down key personnel, due to the time required. This is less efficient and less cost effective. Torque's content marketing process aims for more streamlined success with these techniques:

  • Plan and manage content in regular sects, i.e., monthly email newsletter with seasonally / category relevant articles and resources

  • Re-use content across multiple channels: trade shows, websites, social media, email and others

  • Curate a base of other experts' knowledge and resources; to expand the knowledge base, usefulness, and brand authority

  • Break big topics down into parts, produce and publish them as a series of informational postings such as YouTube videos, email newsletters, and blog posts