Brand Storytelling

Both the terms ‘brand’ and ‘storytelling’ are at the squishy heart of what makes marketing powerful. Brand Storytelling is such an important part of the process, but ironically enough, it often eludes general understanding.

Think about, if you will, for a moment, the cherished and long-held human practice of storytelling. Some stories help us bring ideas to life. Some stories help us recall and pass on memories and traditions to others. They make us feel things and leave impressions on us. Even the best strategist, who seems to be driven solely by logic, can be moved in an emotional way by good storytelling.

Like a good story, a brand leaves people impressions and feelings about a product, a person, or an organization. The difference between a story and a brand is that brands are designed with a very specific purpose in mind. Brand stories are the expression of strategy, the way strategy connects to a person’s emotions.

It’s a commonly-held and well-researched belief that consumers buy for emotional reasons and then justify their purchases with logic. Business buyers, however, tend to become so involved with the features and functions of their products that they forget the important human nature of marketing. They become driven to making clinical decisions on behalf of their company, sometimes even able to completely rule out fears and feelings. We aim to remind them of this.

Not always will you find right brain skills (creative) and left brain skills (strategy) within the same company, but Torque offers the opportunity to work with a whole brain marketing team. We are both thoughtful marketers and passionate storytellers.

Brand storytelling is made up of many components. The combination of a great strategy, gained by researching the market, potential consumers, and statistics and the beautiful and witty creative aspect is what reaches the audience. It’s what creates a feeling and impression on the people it was created for. This mixture of strategy and creative work is what identifies us.

Perhaps, there is a product or service out there with a compelling and unique story behind it, but no one knows. How do you tell people? Well, the obvious first step is to tell the story. The issue becomes how and who to tell it to. With the right research, insight into an audience is gained to tell you important things you need to know about your target market and their interests. After the strategy is created, telling this brand’s unknown story becomes much more effective because you know who to talk to and how.

Our research process helps us gain consumer insights about what they want and what will help them connect. This is the lead in for our level-headed strategists to come up with a plan to reach the most impactful groups. Strategy in place, passionate and purposeful creative design ties everything together. Combining both the right and left brain to have a whole brain experience is something we do with passion.