Brand Marketing and Identity

The ideal brand experience is to connect and feel like your principles line up with the brands you associate with. The way a consumer feels about a brand largely determines the decision to ultimately use that brand’s products or services. And knowing where a brand comes from and its heritage helps consumers know what kind of brand they’re associating themselves with. The importance of authenticity and trustworthiness in the consumer eye has increased monumentally. Establishing the right logo and identity can build up confidence in the consumer and will encourage them to more positively associate themselves with a brand.


Brand Identity

Imagine a brand as a person. People are unique individuals with their own styles, characteristics, and quirks. So are brands. Brands have their own distinctive stories. At Torque, a Chicago branding firm, we look for this uniqueness and meaning in the ideals and brand story. We look for ways to bring life to the brand through a showcase of their individual personality. If a brand is a living, breathing entity, our job is to put the life and feel of the brand at the forefront. Sometimes a brand comes to us having lived a full life, but wants to refresh or reposition their identity, and we seek to understand the ways in which the brand wants to move forward during the process. Other times a brand will come to us fresh, in adolescence. In that case, we work with the brand to help them bring life and establish a genuine and purposeful identity that will last for them. In any situation, we tailor our approach to each distinct brand to explore their diverse heritage and market position. We look at where the brand is, where they’ve been, and where they hope to go. An important aspect of bringing life to a brand is the opportunity to connect with the consumer and foster recognition to create a humanistic and individual personality.

When we feel we understand the desires, needs, and heritage of a brand, we work with them every step of the way to create a suite of tools and materials to use for both design and messaging. We work to create a sleek and professional tone while also maintaining the individuality and personality of the brand. We tailor each of our processes on a case by case basis unique to each particular brand and their own distinct message and identity. We make sure to follow up during each step in the process to ensure that everything from design to messaging is in line with the imperatives for the brand. We ensure they are happy and satisfied with the end product of the endeavor to shine light on the brand life.

Logo Mark

A large part of a brand’s identity is its logo. The importance of the logo is enduring. The logo is meant to represent all of the feelings and ideals of the brand identity within one singular image. It is also the first thing consumers imagine when they think of a brand. When a person thinks of a brand like Target, they immediately imagine the bullseye. This is no coincidence. The logo is much more than simply a design to represent the brand in an image. It also evokes emotion because the entirety of the brand identity and story is behind that image. This is why it’s important to have a logo that accurately represents the brand identity. The same way we look for meaning when designing the brand identity, we look for depth and feeling when designing the logo mark. We want to design something beautiful, but also functional. We seek to create a logo mark that accurately conveys a client's heritage, position in the market, tone, unique personality, and core values, but also one that functions across any and all media they might desire. We do this in a similar way to brand identity in that we work with the client and explore multiple creative directions, each relating to an aspect of the persona. We work with the client during the entire process to ensure we create a unique and beautiful logo mark that they’ll both love and that will last for ages to come with the same relevancy.

The design and reinvigoration of brand identity and logo mark design is a personal way to connect with consumers and allows a brand to tell it’s own unique story while ingraining the ideals and values it holds.