About | Torque


Founded in 1992

Torque has always been a Chicago brand positioning and marketing strategy firm. But we have not always been the same organization, which is natural given the amount of change in the role of marketing over the last 23+ years. What we’ve always been: Digital, early adopters of technology and ideas; Creatively driven; Strategically grounded. The Masi brothers founded the business on a Macintosh II, with Quark Xpress 3.1, Adobe Photoshop 2 and Adobe Illustrator. We learned quickly that too many fonts is a recipe for muddy design; deadlines rule; and delivering to clients kept us going 12 hours a day.

In 1996 we hired a full-time digital designer and programmer who worked in HTML and Macromedia Director. We moved to Chicago’s West Loop and officed in a warehouse space for 14 years. In 1999 we had expanded to 25 full-time designers, writers, account managers, programers and admin staff. We were on track to being a web development company. With the winds of change in 2000, we reduced our employment to 6 full-time staff including ourselves and amassed perilous debt. We made survival moves that included embracing brand strategy and integrated marketing campaigns. In 2009 we moved 7 blocks east, finally “arriving” in the fashionable part of town. In 2011 we added social media marketing to our digital marketing offerings. In 2012 we moved our enterprise work to the cloud.

We’ve served many great clients and had a chance to deliver a rich portfolio of noteworthy results. 2014 was our best year ever, we are debt-free and on track for our 3-year and 10-year plan.

Vision, Values, Culture

Along the way, experiencing both hard knocks and high-points, we have been fortunate to have hired many talented people and to have received guidance from numerous sage advisors. Without every one of these people we would not have an organization of which we are so proud. 

People have been important to our past, and every year we appreciate how important our people will be as we grow.

Our culture is what makes people come, stay and thrive!

What we know is that we are curious listeners and discoverers, and that good marketing, creating and invention is built on a bedrock of insight.

Marketing is anything but constant—we are agile marketing practitioners, on our toes and incorporating new information as we navigate changing conditions for our clients.

We are grace under pressure when the going gets tough, yet always ready to be honest and have fun.

Above all we are committed to delivering excellent work and extraordinary experiences for our clients.

We are brave. We are bold. We believe in what we do.