The Power of Space

As we put the finishing touches on another corporate space branding project (more to come on that!), we’re reflecting on the category as a whole and why these projects are so powerful for companies.

Layout, design, and the overall experience of a workspace has an even bigger effect on employee satisfaction and productivity than most suspect. According to the Wellness Together research project, 48% of respondents said they think workplace design has a notable impact on whether they decide to stay with an employer.

Yes, it’s important to have a comfortable, well-designed work environment to retain employees. But what about those companies that take it to a whole different level? The companies who make their space a true extension of their culture and values, and create an innovative experience for employees. Examples of these type of spaces include Teach for America’s main office, that was designed to be reminiscent of a classic schoolhouse, and of course, Google, with all of its amazing offices around the world that each fully embody the Google brand but also have some design connection to the region they’re in. It begs the question - what makes it worth the time, money, and hard work to create such an elaborate set up?


The impact of branded office spaces

A company’s culture is a combination of the company’s values, mission, goals, and practices. But the biggest factor in a company’s culture and personality is its people. When a company’s workspace truly reflects its culture, employees are inevitably happier, and more productive. And not only do they boost employees’ moods, but a well done branded space also impresses clients and communicates a clear message to visitors.

Transwestern asked us to brand their Chicago office space. We took elements of Transwestern’s culture and the surrounding Chicago experience to create an office that felt like  ultra-urban crossbred with business. From elevator graphics that looked like train tickets to a graffiti painted wall to a “swag wall,” and a modular employee wall with rotating pictures, we turned their office into a full experience that spoke to the people of Transwestern, their deep understanding of downtown Chicago and their innovative approach to doing business.


Not only for offices

It’s not just offices that can benefit from branded spaces, but sales centers too. In the case of commercial real estate, a sales center that shows prospects the overall brand and experience of the building is a great way to sell people on what’s to come.

We designed one commercial sales center to have a more unexpected reflection of the building’s story. 311 S Wacker, known as “the crown building,” encouraged brokers to “look closer” at this building and discover all the updated amenities and spaces it has to offer, and that it is a home for progressive companies. We created a series of installations and presented them in an art-gallery style, making it an impactful stop on a prospect’s tour through the building.


More than a beautiful space

Space branding is so much more than simply making a space look nice. It’s about making it a true expression of the brand. Whether it’s about employee happiness, impressing clients, or selling prospects, creating a fully branded space can be powerful.

Stay tuned for pictures of the corporate branded space we just finished!