Top 10 Best Office Rooftop Activities

We’re right in the middle of rooftop deck season! It seems every great office building in Chicago either has a rooftop deck or has one coming soon.

Two of the best are the ones that belong to Google - which includes an old CTA car repurposed as a hang-out space - and Guaranteed Rate, which is used for events and activities almost every day. Prudential Plaza also has a great rooftop deck, overlooking Millennium Park. However, once completed, the Willis Tower’s rooftop deck could majorly overshadow them all with its wintertime ice skating rink. And then there’s 150 N Riverside taking it to a whole other level, with a huge public outdoor space on the ground floor, and many private decks for offices higher up. Rooftop decks have become so popular in Chicago, in fact, that there are even rooftop coworking spaces, such as the space at The Roof Crop.

We can see the people of Chicago like to spend their workdays on rooftops. But, we started thinking, what is everyone doing up there? Meetings? Happy hours? Yoga? Yes. And certainly more. As we kept imagining what else you could do on a corporate rooftop deck, we decided to have a little fun.

Please enjoy Torque’s top 10 list of corporate rooftop activities!

10. Movie Night - Get a projector, some popcorn, and enjoy a movie together on the roof

9. Golf - Mini. Set up a temporary course for the party or keep it up all season long!

8. Swim Party - If you’ve got a pool on your rooftop, this is a no-brainer

7. Game Night - Head to the deck, sit in a cozy lounge chair, and pull out the board games

6. Classic American BBQ - Because who doesn’t love a good barbeque really

5. Concert - Acoustic is probably the best way to go. Book a local artist, get some snacks and drinks, and everyone will have a good time.

4. Office Garden - Not an activity exactly, but having a shared office garden could be great for team building and great for the environment.

3. Something themed - 1920s, Star Wars, anything people will have fun dressing up for. Get creative with it – maybe a Hollywood-inspired pseudo-star-studded social scene, black tie event.

2. Stargazing - Find constellations together.

1. Contests - limbo contests, hula hoop contests, pie-eating, pie-baking, arm wrestling, and who knows what else! (Just steer clear of the edge!)


If you’re inspired to try out any of these ideas on your own office’s rooftop, we want to see! Tag us @torquelaunch on Facebook, @Torque_Launch on Twitter, and @torquedigital on Instagram!